Velo-Swing Festival

The Velo Swing Festival is taking place from 9th to 11th August 2019 at Saarbrücken Castle. This is the meeting place for swing dancers, bike lovers and fans of all things vintage in the castle square. With swing dancing and bike rides, Saarbrücken is bringing the spirit of the swinging 1920s back alive.

Old bicycles, swing, vintage flea market and bike rides

For the past six years, the Regionalverband has invited bike lovers, swing enthusiasts and nostalgia fans to come to Saarbrücken Castle. Now in its sixth year, the event was called Velo Nostalgie for four years, before being renamed Velo Swing Festival in 2017. Highlights of the event are the  Velo Swing Party on Saturday evening and the  Tweed Ride on Sunday morning. There is also a  vintage and bicycle parts market, a swing café and  Lindy Hop workshops on both days starting at 10 am. The event promises  excellent entertainment with many attractions for the whole family with a food area and a  fun track courtesy of the German Bicycle Museum. Active participants and interested visitors are welcome at the Velo Swing Festival, which the Regionalverband Saarbrücken is organising in cooperation with “Lindy Hop Saarbrücken”.       

The highlights are the Velo-Swing Party and Tweed Ride

During the festival Saturday and Sunday, Lindy Hop offers  workshops for beginners and several other  workshops with professional swing dancers Fredrik Dahlberg and Emil Håkansson from Sweden as well as Christina Loukaki from Greece. “Lindy Hop” is the original and traditional swing dance from the big ballrooms of New York from the 1920s and 1940s.  

On Saturday, the festival culminates with the  Velo Swing Party at 8 pm in the ballroom of Saarbrücken Castle with live music by the swing band Gramophoniacs from Saarbrücken. The evening kicks off with a Lindy Hop taster course for last-minute participants and later there will be a show act by the dancers of “Lindy Hop Saarbrücken”. On Sunday, 12th August 2018, the  6th Saarbrücken Tweed Ride  will take place, the traditional core component of the former “Velo Nostalgie”. Dressed in traditional cycling attire, the bikers will ride through Saarbrücken: from the castle via St. Johann market square to the Franco-German Garden on the outskirts of town. In the garden, participants can experience a tea-time picnic in proper style accompanied by swing music. The age of the bicycles is not as important as the fun. If you are looking for appropriate clothing or spare parts for your bike, maybe you can make a find at the  4th vintage flea market in Saarbrücken in the castle square.       

The colourful goings-on in the castle square (Schlossplatz) are free of charge, but to participate in the Tweed Ride with picnic and the Lindy Hop workshops you must register and pay a fee  using an online form. Tickets for the Velo Swing Party can also be purchased via the online form (15 euros advance ticket sales, 18 euros on the door).

The organisation team is looking forward to the festival 2018: